Big fire above one of Smolyan’s residential areas
Three of the fifteen video-cameras situated in region of Smolyan, part of the fire early warning system created within the REPORT Project, transmitted in real time pictures of the big fire, which broke on 12th of ...
The implementation of the "Through Prevention to Preserve the Natural Beauty of the Rhodope Mountain" project (REPORT project) is successfully completed
The final project forum held on 12th of March 2013 was the closing event, which put an end to the successful implementation of the activities foreseen in the project.
Joint training took place in town of Xanthi
Following the joint training, which was conducted in town of Smolyan in the period 24th – 26th of February 2013, demonstration training took place within 5th - 8th of March 2013 in Xanthi.
Training of the experts, which will work with the fire warning system took place in town of Smolyan
Within the period 24th – 26th of February 2012, in town of Smolyan, a joint training of the experts, which will work with the fire early warning system, was conducted.

For the project

The forest fires early warning system created allows receiving of preliminary information about the risk of fire and provides possibility to extinguish such fire in its initial stage of development. On the territory of Region of Smolyan and the area of Xanthi, centers for gathering of operative information, execution of spatial summaries, interpolations and analysis, preparation of daily informational bulletin regarding the location of forest fires and the degree of fire danger were equipped. An independent network of automated weather stations is created; the stations are mounted on grid type towers. ...
Each of the “Fire Safety and Civil Protection” regional departments in town of Zlatograd, town of Rudozem, town of Smolyan, town of Devin and town of Dospat received the delivery of a MAZDA all-terrain vehicle. The all-terrain vehicles delivered in Xanthi are three, produced by ISUZU. (picture 1), (picture 2), (picture 3)
On 14th of March 2011 a contract No B1.11.18 was signed between the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping of Republic of Greece as Managing Authority if the ETCP Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013 and the Regional Administration – Smolyan as Lead Beneficiary for the implementation of the "through pREvention to Preserve the natural beauty Of the Rhodope mounTain" Project (REPORT Project). The project is financed under Programme’s Priority Axis 1 - Quality of Life, Area of Intervention 1.1 - Protection, Management & Promotion of the Environmental Resources. The Priority ...
Overall project objective: Conservation of the biodiversity and sustainable management of the natural resources in the cross border region Smolyan-Xanthi through improvement of the communication and collaboration between the responsible institutions in cases of natural disasters. Specific objectives: • To ensure the protection of the environment of natural and man-provoked disasters through development of mechanisms and rules for joint risk management and prevention; • To improve the coordination between the institutions from the border region of Bulgaria and Greece in cases of disaster ...


Big fire above one of Smolyan’s residential areas